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Chinese language to be taught in Government schools of Punjab by 2016-17

Written by Hamza
(Last Updated On: 28/11/2015)

Pak-China friendship is not something new, it has been up since both the countries rose up on the map. Regardless, who is in the regime, both the countries have always been  with strategy to improve bilateral relations.

The example they have set meets no comparison, despite the hurdles and in harsh times both the countries remain helpful to each other.

In the latest initiative, Pakistan giving proof of this great friendship has decided to teach Chinese subjects in government schools of Punjab. To carry out this activity, 120 educationists would be given professional training so they could teach Chinses Subjects with complete ease.

Here this should be mentioned that Chinese is the most spoken language of the world and China is the one of the leading nation, which have got rapid progress while remaining in their own language. And the project of teaching Pakistani students will be a new success story of both the allies as this will be providing employment opportunities of Pakistanis at international level and regardless all the benefits, this would be increasing harmony between people of Pakistan and China.

According to the sources, the initiative launch of teaching the Chinese language is still in preparatory stages and will soon be applicable.

It is also said that Punjab Government is taking serious steps to launch this initiative and for this reason  120 interested educationists of Punjab will be trained by the Chinese and Pakistani experts and here it is also said that in 2016-2016 the Chinese subjects will be made part of the curriculum of government schools in Punjab.

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