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From Black to White Friday in Pakistan: Wrap up

(Last Updated On: 28/11/2015)

Surprisingly, this year Black Friday Sales were also availed to the Pakistani customers. And without knowing about the origin of this event, people were happier to grab the discounted sales.

Most importantly, the idea was initiated by the E-Commerce retailers, which are in main streams and are flourishing to reach new heights. Whether, it was called Black Friday, White Friday or some else, regardless the colors people run off to get the amazing discounts at the ease of their houses. Out of these companies, some came up with the sale  for three days and some adjusted for 24 days. And with getting the immense response some companies also tried to extend this fiesta.

Here are the details of the leading e-commerce sites and their Black Friday Shows.


They can be regarded as the pioneer of Black Friday in Pakistan. They provided discounted sales for 1 day (24 hours) but looking at the demand of people they extended their offers and it’s still going on…..

They introduced up to 70% discount.


Daraz.pk Black Friday



They provided the discount up to 57% on various products and they offered discount sales for the day (24 hours). And today they also introduced another strategy, claiming that it is Black Friday every day on Kaymu.pk.


Kaymu.pk Black Friday Deals



The proved their wiseness and came up with a business tactic to rock on the day. Yeah, they are the one, who introduced White Friday, the day they improvised them self. The game is still on as they initiated sale offers from 27-30 November.

They came up with 70% discount.



Homeshopping.pk White Friday



The came in with another idea, which amazed everyone and they introduced ‘Friday Bazaar’on the day. Thye also launched three days of sale from 27-November.

They introduced 70% discount on over 300 products.


iShopping.pk Friday Bazaar

Regardless the names or colors all of the Online retailers intended to provide maximum comfort to their customers by providing higher discounts.

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