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Film ‘Dance Kahani’ will be showcasing the dance culture in Pakistan: Trailer, Posters and Updates

(Last Updated On: 18/11/2015)

As we earlier mentioned that Pakistan film Industry is on its way to explore new horizons, despite this one hindrance between Pakistan Film Industry’s success is ‘dis-commitment’ to the viewers on certain points. There are several films of Pakistan industry, which weren’t able to be released on the scheduled date. And this is not all, even the makers didn’t came up with any word or updates. This approach is a little discomfort for the anticipated viewers.

Exemplifying the very same condition, the movie ‘Dance Kahani’ didn’t have any update of its release date, earlier, the release of the film was scheduled in 2014. The film was creating buzz among the viewers, however, at the very same time it despaired from all over.

And now once again film has rose the temperature of the atmosphere, the film regarded as the Pakistan’s First Dance Movie  stars a Western  actress, Madeliene Hanna, Alamdar Khan, Vernin U’chong and Abdul Ghani in the lead roles.

The film, whose release date is yet not announced will surely be a treat for dance fanatics out in Pakistan. ‘Dance Kahani’ will be unveiling the hurdles faced by the dancers in Pakistan.

The trailer and poster of this dance film was released in April 2014, however till the early November 2015 no update of the release of the film was given, but it once again  tickled t get into the limelight as the poster featuring Tipu was revealed on November 14, 2015 and soon after that on November 17 first look promo of the film  was revealed.

This epic film which was earlier named Dance Diaries  is directed and written by Omar Hassan and is being produced by Zahir Ali under banner of H2O Films.

Dance Kahani-posters released in April 2014



Dance Kahani-poster released this month


Dance Kahani trailer 2014


Dance Kahani first look promo- released this November

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