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Nadia Khan Plastic Surgery Scandal

Written by Alison Johnson
(Last Updated On: 20/11/2015)

It is a common phenomenon to think about actors and actresses that they opt for plastic surgeries to make their face beautiful especially the nose, cheeks and lips. There are many actors and actress in Pakistani media industry who went through the process. But every record available over the internet is not true and fair. It is not necessary that we think that everything mention over the internet is real.

Scandals are considered as the hallmark for an artist now. Nadia Khan has been also dragged in this by someone allegedly saying that actress had faced surgery to look more beautiful. However, the Nadia Khan in her recent morning show on GEO TV, The Nadia Khan Show, has totally negated this propaganda against her.

Nadia Khan in an episode of Nadia Khan Show said at the start that welcome to Nadia Khan Show with a plastic surgery. She badly criticised those who spread such kind of nonsense and questioned her have they sister, daughter and mother in the home and would they like to hear such kind of nonsense for their beloved ones. Nadia Khan then cleared that she never went for such kind of irritating things. She even don’t like to use eye lenses despite the fact she has four.

Here is the video – Nadia Khan Response to Plastic Surgery Scandal

She said when she had decided to make a comeback then many people congratulated her and appraised her natural look. However, she replied to them what is mean for a natural look as she is still natural and never went through any kind of face surgery or face filling.

Nadia Khan then talked about her show that how people were curious about her new morning show and were asking to her what will new in this show. She cleared that nothing will be new in this show as the public is already bored by the new styles introduced by the various TV channels. So, in her show, every segment will be as per old and classical style.

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