Humaira Arshad and Ahmad Butt Likely to Get Divorce

Social media is abuzz with the end of another love story in Pakistani showbiz. Very few times love marriages of Pakistani showbiz have concluded successfully.

This time it’s Humaira Arshad and Ahmad Butt. In the latest turn of events, Humaira Arshad and Ahmad Butt these days are busy in putting allegations on each other and their relationship is almost done. Humaira Arshad while talking to a local news channel Dunya News said that she married Ahmad Butt 11 years ago. They both have a four year old son but now Ahmad Butt is having relationship with other women. He also used to torture her but she tried her best to continue the relationship.

When things got totally out of hands she managed to persuade Ahmad Butt to divorce her after taking 20 lac Rupees and that he will not ask for keeping her son. But now he is asking for 3 crore Rupees to divorce her and has occupied the house as well.

Moreover she alleged Ahmad Butt of robbing her of 20 lac Rupees on gun point and according to her, he also robbed her of personal car.

On the other hand Ahmad Butt denies all these allegations and said that Humaira is lying about all this and she kicked him out of the house by the help of police. His press conference is given in the video below.

Although right and wrong cannot be decided at present moment but it is not a healthy sign. When a couple goes to this extent, putting allegations upon each other, it is hard to imagine that they will come back and live together once again. A divorce is somewhere near and it will be sad that another showbiz couple after love marriage couldn’t stay together.

Umar Farooq

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