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Is Mathira starring opposite Danish Taimoor in Tum Hi To Ho?

(Last Updated On: 02/10/2015)

The handsome dude, Danish Taimoor is all set to rock-on with his third silver screen presence. Sources claim that it would be a love-story based on real life events.

Veteran film actor Sangeeta is directing the film and has introduced a young girl Qurutulain, who will be in female lead of the film. The shooting of the film has started from September 29 and it is expected that film will be hitting the box office on next Eid. Karachi is decided as the shooting venue, although some of the scenes will also be filmed in Lahore and Murree.

The film-goers were anticipating about the cast and story line of the film, many were gossiping about the film, especially on the point, who will be the lead actress opposite Danish Taimoor?

After film’s inaugural ceremony was held in Karachi, the cat is out of bag but it doesn’t seems what some female actresses were telling is exactly the same.

Notorious VJ Mathira claimed that she will be performing one of the two female lead role opposite Danish Taimoor in the film.

But the information acquired from the press conference doesn’t highlights any such news. It is also told that film will be having an item-number and a girl named Marium would be doing it.

It means sultry Mathira is even not ‘lighting’ the item number. At once, Mathira told: “I’m, not doing an item number, although there will be one in the film. I am doing a song opposite Danish Taimoor, though.”

With Mathira’s these different revelations about her presence in the film, might raises several eyebrows, as it’s not clear that what Mathira will be really doing in the film.

If we take look at pictures from the launching ceremony or press release of the film, Mathira is nowhere in the lead.




A shot from Tum Hi To Ho
A shot from Tum Hi To Ho

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