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Leaked video: Yet Again furious Ayesha Sana bursts at the crew of the show

(Last Updated On: 29/12/2015)

Ayesha Sana is the one of the popular Pakistani anchor, who has been accredited for some superb show hostings on PTV channel. And so far if you haven’t got clear that about whom we are talking about, you may get to know her as she’s the one who was being mocked on social media for her video widely popular as “Bright Karen”.

I hope now each and every one of the reader might have come to know about the controversial host, who is once again back in the biz with her another video in which she’s seen shouting at the makeup artist of the show.

And as we all know when she once took off it is quite difficult to calm her down. Very similar to it in this 5-minute video she has not even assured silence even for a second. And the way she was moving on she might have won the award for the most talkative person of the world.

Here it should be kept mentioned the latest video of Ayesha Sana, which has been taken the internet by storm is a leaked video of the makeup room where the host was getting all set for the show.

The video shows the oozing frustration and anger of the once-calm host. In reply to this video, the social media enthusiasts have once again grabbed their keyboards to lambaste the lady, who have been looking quite indecent with the crew.

The video shows  a little problem about her hairstyle but the way she exaggerated and over reacted at once it seems that we have been listing a speech in the political arena. In the condemnable incident, Ayesha Sana even crossed the previous barriers and has set a new example of degrading others over a little power or authority.


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