Pakistani Sharpshooters to participate in Olympic 2016 Asian Qualification Rounds

Shootists of Pakistan will be participating in the Asian Olympic qualification competition, which is scheduled to be held at the Dr. Karni Sindh from January 25 to February 3, as stated Riaz Ahmed Khan, the Executive Vice President of the National Rifle Association of Pakistan (NRAP).

Riaz Ahmed said recently that the Pakistani marksmen team will be contesting in the contest in India to capture Olympic quotas.

As stated by, the Pakistan team for the Asian Olympic qualification contest will be announced in coming days.

Previously, Pakistan passed over the 8th Asian Airgun Championship took place at the same venue in October due to no quota places were available on offer. Further, contingent team consisting of 12 members was sent for Asian Shooting Championship last month in Kuwait.

Meanwhile, 44 countries have sent their 500 shooters to participate in the contest to obtain 35 Olympic Quota places.

Shooting in Pakistan has not been taken as serious a sport as compared to other games. However, there are many names in this game, who have been working their best to bring the country’s name on the top in this very sport as well. Although Pakistani shooters have not distinguished records on the global scale, by participating in the World Olympic, it not only provide the Marksmen of the country to earn prestigious rewards by their skills, it will also help country’s name to shine in the main event for the Shooting Contest as well.

There are other games in which Pakistani athletes earn elevations, but Shooting has not been taken seriously; however, number of passionate marksmen are quite up for earning good name in Shooting as well for the country.

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