Lootlo.pk presents ‘Food Festival’ giving up to 70% discount on various food chains

December is full of surprises and hereby its proved as all others giving whopping discounts on daily life accessories, Lootlo.pk intending to be a step ahead from all others have commenced ‘Food Festival’ from 21st December. The thing which have created a buzz for foodies is that some known food chains countrywide are linked in by Lootlo.pk and furthermore they have initiated discounts up to 70%.

The exciting discounts on your favorite food from your favorite outlet is not less than a super-surprise this December. And in some way it is also one of the easiest way to get charge yourself with some hot foods this winter.

Although, it isn’t the 1st time sale or discount offer organised by Lootlo.pk as regularly they brought up some eye-catching discounts from some known brands of the country.

But the discount offer they initiated especially for foodies entitled as ‘Food Festival’ is a big blow for the one celebrating the winter with full zeal.

Amid all the happiness of foodies here, it should also be told that mainly the offers are for the cities like Karachi and Lahore, although some other offers are also for the nationwide customers.

Food Festival by Lootlo.pk

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  • SAFA on 23/01/2019

    i am looking for buying clothing online at affordable prices. does lootlo provide cheap clothing?


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