SBP Launches App to Detect Fake Currency Notes

The State Bank of Pakistan have taken charge against the Fake currency note and in a bid to aware the people, they have officially launched their app to detect the fake currency notes to avoid any trouble over one unknowingly changing or trading a fake currency note with other.

The app officially announced by SBP awares the people that how should be a currecy not should be checked out bto check its authencity.

The initiative is a good omen for all as many unknowingly get fake notes and further it creates inconvenience for them.

The prestigious authority in wake off all such tactics of fraud mafia came up with a plan to guide the people about how to check the authenticity of a currency note and to get it popular among masses SBP launched the guide in the form of an app that can easily be used by the consumer.

SBP have launched their app for iOS customers and also for the android users that mean a launch in a more comprehensive way to make sure that each and everyone getting benefit from it.

Here it should be also mentioned that SBP launched its official app to check the forgery of currency notes as before bunch of complaints were filed by the public over unknowingly accepting the fake currency notes and further getting stuck in troubles.

The app launched gives instruction in both the languages English and Urdu and it totally depends on the user that in which language he/she wants to get the instructions.

App for Andriod users!

App for iOS users!


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