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Masala Family Festival 2015 all set to began from 10 Oct in Lahore

(Last Updated On: 03/10/2015)

Hey foodies, get your taste-buds charge, it’s time for Masala Family Festival. Your very own 2-days festival that will be commencing from 10th October at Expo Center Lahore. Timings for the festival will be 10 a.m. to 09 p.m.

It will never be wrong to call it the most anticipated festival for the epicures. For must they were waiting it from the day when dates of the festival were announced.


Earlier, this year festial went on spreading smiles and appetizing Karachiites and now it’s the time for the city entitled as unofficial ‘King of Food’, yeah its Lahore.

The city which is famous for its remarkable hospitalization and endless food variety will be having Masala festival, that works as icing on the cake.

The festival will not be just about food or recipes, it is supposed to be a complete entertainer for Lahoris.

The major highlights of the festival would be, fun, food, games, chefs and will also be holding some live concerts by some leading stars.


The Masala channel team and your favorite chefs will be in the festival, you can meet them and can freely ask your questions.

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Proficient Zubaida Tariq aka Aapa will also be on the festival, that means a lot of useful advises and endless questions by attendees of the show.

The festival is also noted as Pakistan’s Biggest Family Festival, is getting much popular among masses. Different stalls will also be organized that will be garnishing the beauty of the festival.


For further Queries & stall bookings: Masala Family Festival

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