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Meera fought with Nadia Khan’s show producer: Video, Reasons and Updates

(Last Updated On: 17/11/2015)

Not the most delicate one, not one the best actress, still the ‘evergreen’ in the news, she’s none other than Meera. She does not need any platform or any film to be in the news, she herself with her tactics usually gets into the limelight.

However, she can be regarded as pone of the most controversial and ‘scandilicious’ actress of Pakistani Industry. She’s always been up with an aim to headline, whether it is her strict remark on the co-actress or due to her fluent and well accented English.

But here is something you would haven’t expected it from Meera, the uncrowned queen of controversies attacked producer of Nadia Khan Show, this all happened as she arrived on the sets of Geo TV as a guest of famous morning show ‘Nadia Khan Show’ but she demanded to direct the whole episode, which will be once agin taking her into the headlines. After the show’s producer refused the demand, Meera-turned Wild Cat and violently attacked the producer of the show. Even after all that it is even seen that team of the show tried to calm her down.

Nadia Khan who is the host of the famous show also looks disturbed with what Meera did in the show and via Facebook page of ‘Nadia Khan Show’ she also cleared her perspective and the whole incident.

Earlier to that, a video of Meera going back from the sets and snatching the show’s producer was revolving on the web. However, different people were anticipating several reasons behind such shameful incident.

Nadia Khan aka Oprah Winfrey of Pakistan told that her management was not in a decision to call Meera as a guest, but she persuaded in a way, but this turned one of the worse events of TV show’s history.

Apart from that, we can deny the fact at once Meera was also one of the finest actress of the industry, her contribution in Pakistani Film Industry and even in Bollywood can’t be denied but in the recent event it seems that it was a totally unprofessional approach by the actress, which can even put her aside from the industry.

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Videos- Meera at Nadia Khan Show

Meera going back from the set of Geo TV

Meera looks depressed

Nadia Khan speaking about the incident at Nadia Khan Show

Meera’s demand to attend the Nadia Khan Show

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