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Urwa in Mumbai to reveal ‘exciting news’, is it about her Bollywood debut?

(Last Updated On: 20/11/2015)

The renowned Pakistani actress, Urwa Hocane, is currently in Mumbai, India. There are rumors about the actress that she will sign for a Bollywood movie there. However, there is no official source of this news. The point for chances of signing any Bollywood was given by the actress through her official Instagram account. The actress yesterday posted her images after arrival in Mumbai and said, “Our November Cover Star Urwa Hocane has landed in Mumbai and we will soon be breaking some very exciting news about her.” The actress then asked for stay tuned. However, another clue was given by the actress in the shape of hashtagging Bollywood as #bollywood.


The younger sister of Urwa, Mawra Hocane is already in India where she is busy in shooting for her debut Bollywood movie Sanam Teri Kasam. She has signed three Bollywood projects.

The air was more cleared by the Mawra when she talked to a media channel and said, “There are few things in the pipeline for Urwa. She has finally got the time to attend all the meetings in Mumbai as she was busy with her films in Pakistan.”

Many a times, Urwa disclosed her desire about working in Hollywood and Bollywood movies. “As long as there are a positive vibe and good story, I am willing to go to Bollywood, Hollywood or anywhere else. My sister Mawra is currently shooting three films in India and besides, I think it promotes a healthy image of our country”, said Urwa.


Urwa was also offered in past to work with Bollywood actor Emran Hashmi in his upcoming movie Azhar. But the Pakistani actress refused to work. At that time she said, “I would love to do meaty characters in Bollywood, otherwise she is happy here in Pakistan. Although she is receiving a couple of offers from Bollywood but I just don’t want to cross the border for the sake of it.”

Now commenting over her decision to refuse to work in Bollywood in past she said, “That was a simple case of inflexible dates. Like I said, I support the international exchange of art and artists wholeheartedly, whether it is me going to Bollywood or Turkish dramas taking over the local TV industry.”

In Pakistan film industry, she made debut in 2014 from one of the best rom-com movies of Pakistan Na Maloom Afraad that received three awards at 14th Lux Style Awards 2015 for Best Film, Best Actor and Best Film Director. Her two other Pakistani movies, Maalik and Two+Two are scheduled to be released in 2016.


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