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Meera Vs Nadia Khan on Her TV Show

Written by Alison Johnson
(Last Updated On: 20/11/2015)

Meera Ji that was once a name of a most popular actress of Pakistani film industry is now a day a name who is only known for making the place in media all the time without any reason and justification. The actress is known for heaving bad relations with almost all of her industry fellows, especially the newcomers. Either it is Mahira Khan or someone else, Meera never hesitate to pass comment on everyone without thinking about the consequences and outcomes.

The queen of controversy has mess herself with the morning show queen Nadia Khan. Meera was scheduled to be the guest of the recent episode of the Nadia Khan Show. But the condition for participation set by Meera was totally amazing. The actress demanded to take the full control of the show. Nadia Khan in the recent episode of her morning shows the Nadia Khan Show with Ayesha Khan revealed that the Meera asked her to direct everything over the set of the show. She demanded to conduct questions and all sessions of the show that was unacceptable for the host.

Producer injured by the Meera

Nadia Khan telling about the demands of Meera for attending the show

However, the demands of Meera were turned down by the management unconditionally. On the day of the show behind the screen, conflict raised between Meera and the show management. Meera even beat the show producer and left the set of Nadia Khan Show and the GEO TV. The situation was very embarrassing for the artists to present at the set. Meera’s manager even said that he can’t work further with such an actress who has no respect for others.

Just two hours before, Nadia Khan on her Facebook timeline has shared the harsh memories of that incident and said, Meera it was not fair and it is not going to end, the war is on.

Nadia Khan talking about the incident

Here Meera is living the show

Here are tweets by Nadia Khan

Meera ap ko aisa nai karna chaye tha ! says”Nadia Khan”

Posted by Nadia Khan Show on Sunday, 15 November 2015

Mera ye baat khatam nahi hogi the war is on ” says Nadia”

Posted by Nadia Khan Show on Sunday, 15 November 2015

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