Syeda Mubarik Begum Scholarship 2015-16: Criteria, Procedure, Form


In 1985, a scholarship scheme was launched by the Babar Ali Foundation This scholarship was a need-based scholarship scheme. The purpose of this foundation is to support those excellent and meritorious students who are not able to continue their studies in research, training in literary, agriculture, technical, scientific and professional education due to financial constrain. Beside to provide the financial support to needy students its objectives were extended by establishing and promoting the hospitals, institutions, libraries, museums, galleries, handicraft centers, parks, and places of medical aid and relief to increase the awareness of knowledge and to enhance expertise so that the skilled and intelligent students can utilize their abilities.


In 1995, Babar Ali Foundation has been named as Syeda Mubarik Begum Scholarship Scheme (late mother of Syed Babar Ali who always interested in the educational development of girls).Now Syeda Mubarik Begum Scholarship Scheme is provided to needy female students on merit to pursue their study .

Babar Ali Foundation may also start and administer appropriate programs, prizes and scholarships for education in general to enhance scientific and management studies in particular.

In Pakistan this Foundation is providing a lot of amount annually for education and health sector.

Eligibility Criteria for Syeda Mubarik Begum Scholarship Scheme

The eligibility criteria for students to apply for this scholarship scheme is given below:

  • Only female students can apply
  • Student is unable to continue studies due to financial constraints
  • Student is studying graduate or post graduate programs
  • Student has obtained minimum 60% marks in last annual examination
  • Student has obtained minimum 80% marks in last semester examination
  • Student has got admission on merit base through normal procedure in the approved Universities/Colleges of the public sector of Pakistan and Azad Jammu and Kashmir
  • Student must not be admitted on self-support/finance basis

 Student is undertaking the study of the subjects given below:

  1. Research & Training
  2. Scientific Program
  3. Technical Fields
  4. Agriculture
  5. Literary
  6. Commerce
  7. Engineering
  8. Medicine
  9. Mathematics
  10. Social Sciences
  11. Languages
  12. Accounting
  13. Medicine and Surgery
  14. Management Science

Note: Students receiving scholarship, stipend zakat, qarze hasna or financial support from any source are not eligible to apply

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