Modern Pakistani hi-tech Rickshaws with WiFi

(Last Updated On: 11/04/2015)

Even though it sound bit weird when Pakistani auto-mobile industry is progressing in very slow phase, with three generation old cars like Mehran a super hit car. No one really expects local Pakistani Taxis aka Rickshaws to be redesigned or renovated. But this has actually happened with 100 of them coming soon on roads of Pakistan. As per reports these newly designed rickshaws are part of a marketing campaign by Ufone. Ufone Redesigns Rickshaws Marketing for new 3g Marketing Campaign.

The best part of these rickshaws is that there are hi-tech with WiFi enabled so you wont get bored while having a journey on them. Good part is they are making our real local transport more elegant and classy to use. While there is still a big flaw in them like traditional rickshaws which is they are still open to dust and noise but still A good initiative nonetheless

Modern Pakistani Rickshaws Pictures

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