Pakistan Engineering Council Election 2015: Results by Biometric System

Pakistan Engineering Council elections were held on August 30 all across the Pakistan. PEC is recognised as the only body, striving for the better tomorrow of engineers, working with the aim of ‘Regulating the Profession’. According to the sources, Engineers realising the pivotal role of PEC, participated in the elections , much more than in the previous elections.


Elections were held in 102 polling stations across the Pakistan, in all of its four provinces (Punjab, Balochistan, Sindh and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, capital territory (Islamabad), Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) and north most territory of Pakistan (Gilgit-Baltistan).

Number of Polling Stations: 102

Islamabad: 03
Punjab: 37
Balochistan: 13
Sindh: 29
Khyber Pakhtunkhawa: 15
Azad and Jammu Kashmir: 03
Gilgit-Baltistan: 02

PEC taking all the bold steps to avoid any kind of irregularity in the election, as earlier the members have to get registered  to cast votes. The biometric system was used; one of the efficient system to be used for accuracy in the elections.

It is pertinent to mention over here, that PEC elections 2015 were delayed just at the last-minute as having some fault in the Biometric system. Engineers throughout  the Pakistan went to use their vote were informed the elections has been delayed.

The engineers were told to register to PEC till May 15, 2015. Engineers from different discipline were also allowed to check their eligibility and PEC registration No. on the official website of PEC. Discipline wise valid voter list was up on the PEC site to further help the engineers to check out their registrations; following were the disciplines:Untitled

The elections held were for the tenure 2015-2018, 17,200 votes were casted, which are much more than in the previously held elections.

PEC  working for the better future and  employment of engineers, even contributes as a think tank to the government to implement new ideas and maintaining engineering educational standards in Pakistan. Elections were held under PEC act 1976 and the PEC By-laws 1976.

Body of PEC
PEC having its headquarter in Islamabad is a Federal institution. The main body of the PEC consists up of Chairman PEC, Senior Vice Chaimran PEC and four Vice-Chairman from each province.

Initial results:
Engr. Dr. Muhammad Akbar is elected unopposed to the membership of the PEC  for tenure 2015-2018 in the Punjab province for the discipline of Telecommunication.

Engr.Dr. Zubair Ijaz will be representing as the member of the Governing body for the discipline of Computer in Punjab.

New Chairman of PEC
Four contestants were striving for the title of PEC Chairman for term 2015-2018. Engr. Syed Abdul Qadir Shah who was elected previously as the Chairman PEC also took part in the election for chairmanship. Here’s what happened?

Engr. Syed Abdul Qadir Shah = 62398 votes
Engr. Najeeb Haroon = 2547 votes
Engr. Javed Salee Qureshi = 7779 votes
Engr. Uhammad Khalid Bashir = 279 votes


Engr.Javed Salee Qureshi winning the contest of Chairman PEC

According to PEC, there are around 107  Engineering institutes and universities,  with respect to this, No. of engineers in our country are increasing day by day. As with increase in it, PEC have to work more efficiently to bring prosperity for the engineers.

PEC Voting Procedure Video:


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