PEMRA warns TV Channels to Stop Vulgarity

Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority in their new ‘Advice’ released to Television channels has questioned them to quickly stop broadcast un-ethical and indecent material, programs and songs which are vulgar naturally.
PEMRA declared the recommendation is distributed on directives of the Senate Standing Committee on Information Broadcasting & National Traditions.

PEMRA also pointed out serious issues on extreme religious consumerism and Commercial programs broadcast in the Holy month of Ramzan.

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Based on PEMRA this kind of programs weren’t only reported by the legislators but also by great number of consumer who’ve usually seen these types of programs against the standards and sanctity of the Holy Month.

The Organization focused all Television channels to follow along with below rules:

  • No Television channel should air international material for longer than 10% of total air-time, i.e. above 2 and half hour of international material daily
  • Mixed time period of Advertisements with-in one hour must not go above Twelve minutes.
  • Programs marketing religious consumerism specifically damaging sanctity of the Holy month of Ramazan
    Don’t apply songs for the time of news bulletins.
  • Programs and advertisements including indecent and objectionable clips etc.
  • Programs on re-enactment and dramatization of violations.
  • Furthermore, the Organization also has suggested private TV channels to telecast national anthem before the start of daily transmission as also becoming used in neighboring nations to push patriotism.

PEMRA also has questioned Television channels to produce healthful programs for the kids while there is zero serious target kids programming and just few international channels are presently providing this kind of require.

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