Cigarette Advertisements Banned By Federal Government

Federal Government of Pakistan has taken an impressive step by announcing the ban on each and every kind of advertisement of tobacco and its products. Cigarette manufacturing companies cannot make use of any kind of advertisement medium in Pakistan from 31st of May 2014 onwards.

According to a press release, Tobacco manufacturers will not be able to use print or electronic media for advertising and even they are not allowed to showcase their brand names on sign boards, posters in the market, billboards in the shops and mobile trolleys. According to Supreme Court of Pakistan’s decision back in 2006, this ban is applicable but due to previous governments not taking this seriously, the matter has been pending till yet.

Now that the government has taken this good step, they must implement it practically as well. Pakistan has signed international convention for prevention of smoking and according to this convention, the member countries are bound to take every measure to make sure that tobacco and its products are not advertised by any medium.

As expected, one of the leading international cigarette manufacturing companies in Pakistan has already challenged this decision of the government in Sindh High Court.

It is noteworthy to mention here that Pakistan is one of those countries where smoking in public places is growing and government is not able to control it. In addition, the trend of smoking in minors and women is also in vogue and death caused due to smoking cigarettes is also on the rise.

Although ban on advertisements will not curb this evil in the bud but might be the first step towards controlling this uprising trend in minors and female smokers of Pakistan.

Umar Farooq
Umar Farooq

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