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Procedure to Apply for E-Visa of UAE, Dubai

(Last Updated On: 19/08/2015)

UAE government has announced that they will not honor GCC Residents with On-Arrival Visit Visa after October 2015. But UAE has launched E-service for GCC Residents. All GCC Residents are required to get E-Visa from online portal of Ministry of Interior, UAE   before visit to UAE.

Requiurements to Apply for E-Visa of UAE for GCC Residents

  1. Original Iqama with validity of at least three months from date of arrival.
  2. Entry permit holder will not be granted entry if the profession of GCC Resident is found changed after issuance of this entry permit.
  3. Valid passport at least six months from the date of arrival.
  4. Credit card for making online payments.
  5. E-Visa of UAE applied from here will be issued to GCC Residents for 30 days from the entry and is expendable for 60 days.

Procedure to Apply for E-Visa of UAE (Dubai) for GCC Residents

  • Go to https://www.ednrd.ae/GCCIND/login.do, website of Ministry of Interior of UAE.
  • A popup window will appear, just ‘accept it’
  • Now click on the “GCC Resident” tab on top left side of page. A form will appear. Fill it and click on the ‘next’ button.

                Instructions to fill the form are here

  1. Emirates: Select the city where you want to travel first from 5 options of Dubai, ABu Dhabi, Sharja, Ras-al Khema and Fujeirah.
  2. Port of Arrival: Now select the port where you have to reached, you may select Airport if you travel by air.
  3. Name: Enter your all details and name. Just click on ‘T’, your name in arabic will appear.
  4. Profession: Profession must be selected from the list.
  5. Residence Issuance Date: It is date when your Iqama was issued. This date is normally not mentioned in the Iqama. If you are subscribed to the MOI services, you must have received a message of Iqama renewal on that date. Or just minus one year from the Iqama expire date, convert it to Gregorian date and mention it there. Also expiry date be converted to Gregorian date and write there.
  • Fill your contact details in UAE. If you have to stay in hotel, give its address and phone number in form.
  • Upload passport size photograph, scanned copy of Iqama and scanned copy of latest passport. After uploading documents click on the ‘Review’. If all information is correct then click on “Post” at the end of the page.
  • Now pay the fee for E-Visa of UAE (Dubai) for GCC Residents through credit card. The fee is AED 230 per passport.

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