Sain Zahoor performed at Skryzowanie Kultur Festival in Warsaw, Poland

The Polish festival marking its 11th annual presence at Warsaw, which is capital and the largest city of Poland. Warsaw is the 9th most populous capital city in the European Union, the city government initiated a setup in 2009 to rise sense the of cultural diversity and multiculturalism.

Skryzowanie Kultur Festival marks its presence as the one of the largest such events in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe, around 192 individual artists and groups from 61 countries have displayed their art within the festival so far. The name of the festival ‘Cross-Culture Warsaw Festival’ speaks for the theme of the show as it vows that getting sense and observing culture from all around the world is : ‘Interested in others and interesting for the others’.

A week celebration of this cultural and art festival started on September 21 to September 27, is a complete entertaining festival for all as it holds documentary screenings, exhibition and special programs for children and the world-class performances which is the most thrilling part of the show.

Out of many stars, a Sufi singer from Pakistan Sain Zahoor was also part of the art festival. Mr. Zahoor who is recognizable sufi and classical adept singer of the region participated in the show and the appreciation was quite same as it is within the country. Sain Zahoor born in 1937, spent most part of his life singing on Sufi shrines, got globally recognition after he was being bestowed with the BBC World Music Award in 2006. He carries on with his singing as taking on the mission of the legendary mystics of region Bulle Shah and Shah Hussain, who spread love with their poetry and singing.

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Sain Zahoor at Skryzowanie Kultur Festival
Sain Zahoor at Skryzowanie Kultur Festival
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Spreading love in Warsaw, Poland

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