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Shahid Afridi and Amir Khan’s Warid LTE TV ads have become talk of the town

(Last Updated On: 30/09/2015)

Both the proficient stars of their respective fields, marked their first TV commercial together with Warid’s Double Faida Offer. The ad lauds about Warid’s 4G LTE ‘Tez lightning speed’ and a promotional package known as ‘Double Faida Offer’, the offer grants access to the double quantity of internet on the existing rates. And more this offer provides free internet from 1am till 9am.

Warid is the only LTE studded company in Pakistan, LTE means Long Term Evolution and is a 4G mobile communication standard.

Alongwith Warid there is only one 4G provider in Pakistan and stats tell that it is getting control of the 4G market, rapidly. Warid knowing it, comes up with some initiatives and it seems they are back on the track.

Warid having Afridi and Amir Khan as brand ambassadors is thriving now, both these star have featured in various ads and no doubt their presence have become talk of the town.

Warid LTE TVC’s having Amir Khan or Shahid Afridi:

Shahid Afridi aka Boom Boom differentiates between 2G, 3G and 4G and he explains it using ‘cricketing language’. The ad is so fascinating for the cricket lovers, as Afridi explains the internet technology terms as follows:

2G technology = Test Cricket
3G technology = One Day International
4G technology = T20

This ad tells about how Amir define Warids LTE, and he does it the way he knows best. Amir is seen skipping rope and his ultra fast speed in doing it so is described as Warid LTE.

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