Sumail Hassan Syed won $1.2m Dota 2 Asian Championship

E-Sports are now being taken very seriously all over the world and it has become professional sports. Now, one can use gaming expertise to win bread and butter. In Pakistan we see gaming competitions are being held in Pakistan but on a small scale but internationally some huge competitions are organized which offers huge amount of money to the winners. So for great gamers video gaming is not waste of time. The example of this is a 15 year old Pakistani boy who recently won DOTA 2 Asian Championship.  Abbreviation  DOTA is Defense of the Ancient.

The name of 15 year old Pakistani is Sumail Hassan was team member of Evil Geniuses and he made them win the competition. According to Captain of Evil Geniuses they saw X-factor in Sumail Hassan. The award money of the competition was 1.2 Million Dollars.  Sumail moved to United States of America a year back and there he found out that his talent can best be utilized here. He started playing there and within no time his talent was recongnized by Evil Geniuses, a powerful team of North America. Evil Geniuses found that Sumail has got some extraordinary and supernatural talent in gaming and they offered Sumail to join there team and after that Evil Geniuses got registered in to DOTA 2 Asian Championship and took risk of making Sumail there team member as Somail had no experience of international competition. The risk of Evil Geniuses paid off and Sumail played a vital role in winning them a championship. Such competitions should also be held in Pakistan to find out such hidden talent because we have some extraordinary talent hidden in this field as well. Right now hats off to Sumail as he made us proud and wish him more successes in coming future.

Sumail Gameplay

Sumail in Asian Championship

Faisal Sardar

Faisal Sardar is an Electronics Engineer at Colony Mills limited, Multan. He is also co-founder of this project.

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