Pakistani Girls Pictures Online Leaked Everyday

Written by Ali
(Last Updated On: 18/03/2019)

Well we are going to highlight a very dark side of our society rather I should say Pakistani internet society as there are some rotten eggs that are doing shameful acts over internet. You would have seen many sites being registered just about the pictures and phone numbers of Pakistani girls.

The content uploaded on those sites is totally illegal plus it is not in our culture, society to play with respect and dignity of our sisters. These website owners should be ashamed of themselves for doing such a pathetic thing because this is not what our culture teach us and in religion this is a very big sin.

Uploading pictures of girls without their permission just to make money and not too much money. They just take out these pictures from stolen phones of girls or collect it from Facebook by or any other social website and then upload these and make some attractive heading to it. Frustrated people after reading that heading or title like “Sexy Pakistani Girls Number” or “Hot Pakistani Girls Pictures” visit their sites and website owners make money.

Government should take steps to stop such sites and take action against their owners as what they are doing is totally wrong and shameful. They don’t have any idea what do those girls feels and go through of whom they upload pictures. This really make things were difficult for the girls whose pictures are being uploaded and the humiliation their families go through. There should be some accountability of these sites I would rather say these should be banned and their owners should be sent to jail and heavy fine should be imposed on them and this should stop now.

Few of the circulating pics on social media are below, Websites Which are circulating these Pics:


pixpux girls online


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