Telegraph ‘Test Cricket Captains Ranking Misbah ul Haq on top position

People known as him Tuk Tuk however he was the only person who saved his cricket team when it was near failure. He is Misbah ul Haq, who took control of the Test captaincy in 2010 when 3 of Pakistan cricket team players was banned for spot-fixing.

Generating the Misbah ul Haq one of Pakistan’s best captain will never be incorrect. He made easy for his team to safe 3rd place in the Test match position. Under his cerebral command, Pakistan have defeated the Australia, South Africa, England and Sri Lanka.

The Telegraph of United Kingdom has placed the Misbah ul Haq number 1 in its “Test Cricket Captains – Ranked and Rated”
Misbah ul Haq is “One of the superb captains – ever”, Telegraph.

Here is a list of best 10 Test cricket captains based on Telegraph. A list isn’t based on the recognized position of International Cricket Council Council(ICC)

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