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Google Offers a Nanodegree in Android Development

(Last Updated On: 16/08/2015)

Have you been thinking to develop your own mobile app but due to complexities you have given up? Or you couldn’t get it done because your university was not offering a course in Android development? May be you just realized that Android can get you rich. If you are serious about learning Android development, then you have been given an option by Google.

It is very easy to earn a nanodegree in Android development at Udacity and have a career that you have always been dreaming of. All you have to do is to pay a fixed monthly cost of $200 and you can become a certified Android developer in a course of 6 months only. If you happen to graduate in less than 12 months then you get half of the tuition fee waived. It is quite inviting actually.

You don’t need to go to college as it is an intermediate degree. You can enroll in the course but you are expected to have prior experience of mobile application building in Java or at least some experience with building a web. Any other object oriented programming language knowledge will come quite handy.

As you know that business of mobile apps is on the boom and you having some prior knowledge should not just be thinking but actually you should be one of those who are benefiting from this business. So time to get enrolled in the course and learn to code. You might feel that it is a little hard but once you are through with the course, you will surely get rewarded.

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  1. Hi buddy, I want to get nanodegree and I have some experience in android development. So it means we can get degree or certificate from Google. Anyway thanks for sharing such useful post with us and thinking about it.

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