Top List Of O’Levels Schools In Pakistan

O Level is internationally recognized qualification for the children having age of 14 to 16 years. It is introduced by the British educational reform by the government of UK. It is the General Certificate of Education. In Pakistani educational system, it is equivalent to the matriculation. The duration of O Level is 3 years while that of Matriculation is 2 years. There are a number of schools.

Major Subjects offered by the O-Levels in Pakistan

  • Art
  • Additional Mathematics
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • English Language
  • Business Studies
  • Commerce
  • Economics
  • English Literature
  • Food & Nutrition
  • Human & Social Biology
  • Islamiyat
  • Pakistan Studies
  • Urdu (First Language)
  • Urdu (Second Language)
  • Principles of Accounts

List Of O’Level Schools In Pakistan

  1. Aitcheson School, Lahore
  2. Anthony’s High School, Lahore
  3. Karachi Grammar School, Lahore
  4. Cadet College, Hasssan Abdal
  5. Pak-Turk International School
  6. Beacon House School System
  7. Learning Alliance
  8. The City School
  9. The City
  10. Roots School System
  11. Royal City School
  12. The Froebel’s School
  13. Foundation Public School
  14. Ibn-e-Sina, lahore
  15. Bahria College, Islamabad
  16. Lahore Grammar School
  17. Islamabad Convent School
  18. Habib Public School
  19. OPF College for Girls
  20. OPF College for Boys
  21. Khaldunia High School, Islamabad
  22. Headstart School
  23. Elite International School
  24. International Grammar School
  25. ASAS International School
  26. Marjan Public School
  27. Joan McDonald School
  28. Imperial International School
  29. Army Public School Saddar O’ Level, Karachi
  30. Karachi Cadet College, Karachi
  31. Falconhouse Grammar School, Karachi
  32. The Aureole School, Karachi
  33. Aitchison Model School, Karachi
  34. The City School Senior Girls PECHS
  35. The City School Senior Boys PECHS
  36. Genesis School, Karachi
  37. National Grammar School, Lahore
  38. The Lahore Lyceum, Lahore
  39. Jinnah Foundation High School and College
  40. Pak AIMS College, Lahore
  41. Defence Public School, Lahore
  42. Garrison Academy Lahore
  43. Bloomfield Hall School, Lahore
  44. Advance Resource Centre for Education, Lahore
  45. Lahore School of Learning, Lahore
  46. SheikhZayed International Academy, Islamabad
  47. Karachi International School, Karachi
  48. The City School Network, Lahore
  49. American Lycetuff, Lahore
  50. Leicester College of Technology

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