Urdu learning app developed by IBA Students

Pakistani students proved that they are leading in every field. Students of Institute of Business Administration (IBA) Sukkur developed an app for basic learning of Urdu.

The app is designed for basic learning of Urdu for everyone. Specially for those Pakistani who have settled abroad want some tutor to make their children to learn Urdu. Overseas Pakistani have complains about their children not learning Urdu properly.


Pakistani students Asadullah Laghari and  Imran Laghari developed this Urdu learning app named “Urdu Qaida”

Asadullah developed the “Urdu Qaida” and Imran works as marketer.

They mentioned that the game is to facilitate Urdu seekers, specially for children with attractive graphics.

Urdu Qaida contains 5 activities

  1. Urdu Qaida
  2. Mashq Copy
  3. Shaklein Pehchanein
  4. Matching Game
  5. Bubble Game


Urdu Qaida contains flash cards with voiceover to learn Urdu Alphabet. Mashq copy is Urdu letters writing practice. Shaklein Pehchanein is practice of identifying correct images from the four options. matching game is to match the images with correct words. Bubble game is interesting and learning exercise by identifying the correct letter floating in bubble.

Download it from here: Urdu Qaida


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