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How to Send Money using Easy Paisa Money Transfer

(Last Updated On: 01/07/2015)

Telenor Easy Paisa Money Transfer

Easy Paisa is the first end to end online payment solution and is the only branch less banking service facilitating the customers to send and receive money within Pakistan and may receive money from abroad with in no time and cheapest charges. Telenor is providing this service but it is not compulsory to be the subscriber of Telenor to avail this service. There are thousands of Easy Paisa shops all over Pakistan.

Easy Paisa Sending Money:

  • The sender needs to provide the following for Easy Paisa Money Transfer
  • His / her original & valid CNIC along with photocopy.
  • CNIC Number of the person to whom you want to send money
  • Mobile number of both, the receiver and the sender. (Optional)
  • Tell retailer the amount of money you want to transfer and pay him along with service charges. (Chart of service charges is given below)
  • During sending, the sender will be asked to enter a 5-digit secret pass-code on retailer mobile phone. You only have to tell this pass code to receiver and nobody else.
  • Message will be sent to both, the receiver and sender containing the information of money transfer, including “Transaction ID”.

Easy Paisa Receiving Money:

  • Go to the retailer and tell him  “Transaction ID” that you received.
  • Give him the photocopy of your CNIC.
  • Tell him the pass code, that the sender told you.
  • Take the money and have it.

Telenor Easy Paisa Charges: (Money transfer from CNIC to CNIC):

Slab Start Slab End Charges FED* Total Charges
1 1000 51.72 8.28 Rs. 60
1001 2500 103.44 16.55 Rs. 119.99
2501 4000 155.16 24.83 Rs. 179.99
4001 6000 206.88 33.10 Rs. 239.98
6001 8000 258.60 41.38 Rs. 299.98
8001 10000 310.32 49.65 Rs. 359.97
10001 13000 362.04 57.93 Rs. 419.97
13001 15000 413.76 66.20 Rs. 479.96

All charges are subject to 16% FED


  • Maximum Rs15000/- per month on a CNIC can be received or send.
  • There is no limit of number of transactions per CNIC in a month

Telenor Easy Paisa Money Limits:


In case or any query or fraud you may contact

Telenor Easy Paisa Helpline Number:

345 for Telenor customers

111-345-100 for non-Telenor customers


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