Urs Data Ganj Bakhsh Ali Hujwiri (R.A) 2015: Quotes, Messages & Wallpapers


The 972nd Urs of one of the greatest Sufi of the sub-continent Hazrat Usman Ali Hajweri Data Ganj Baksh has started in Lahore today. The three day annual Urs started today and will last till December 3rd, 2015. People called him Data Sahab or Data Ganj Bakhsh that stands for a ‘master who bestows treasures’. He was a Persian Sufi and scholar in the 11th century and was the one greatest Sufi poet who contributed a lot to spread the Islam in South Asia.


When Hazrat Khawaja Moinuddin Chishti (R.A) had arrived in subcontinent, he first came to Lahore to pay his salam at the shrine of Daata Ganj Bakhsh’s shrine. He then paid homage to Data Sahb in the following words.

Ganj Bakhsh-e faiz-e aalam, mazhar-e nur-i Khuda
Naqisaan ra pir-e kaamil, kaamilaan ra rahnuma

گنج بخش فیضِ عالم مظہرِ نورِ خدا ناقصاں را پیرِ کامل، کاملاں را رہنما

Ganj Bakhsh is a manifestation of the Light of God for all people
A perfect guide unto the imperfect ones and a guide unto the perfect ones

Kashf Al Mahjub (Revelation of the Veiled) is the most famous work of Data Sahab that debates about the Sufism.

Every year millions of devotee from all over the world visit the shrine of Data Ganj Bakhsh at Bhatti Gate Lahore each year.


About Hazrat Data Ganj Bakhsh Ali Hujwiri

Religion: Islam

Denomination: Sunni (Sufi)

Born: Around 990 CE Hajvare, current name Ghazni (Afghanistan)

Wissal (Died): 1077 CE, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

Works: Kashf Al Mahjub

Data Ganj Bakhsh Quotes

  • Every good and evil that happens to man is decreed by God.
  • Implore God to deliver you from the wickedness of your soul.
  • Whosoever refrains his soul from lust, verily Paradise shall be his abode.
  • The spiritual path is hard to travel except for those who were created for the purpose.
  • Man, enamored of his gross environment, remains sunk is ignorance and apathy, making no attempt to cast off the veil that has fallen upon.
  • The animal soul is the greatest of all veils between God and man.
  • The Divine knowledge penetrates what is hidden and comprehends what is manifest.
  • Knowledge of God is the science of gnosis; knowledge from God is the science of the sacred Law; and knowledge with God is the science of the Sufi path.
  • The glory of poverty is this, that the poor man’s body is divinely preserved from base and sinful acts, and his heart from evil and contaminating thoughts.
  • The essence of Sufism involves the annihilation of human qualities.
  • Formerly the practice of Sufism was known and the presence unknown; nowadays the presence is known and the practice is unknown.
  • This world is the abode of trouble, the pavilion of affliction, the den of sorrow, the house of parting, and the cradle of tribulation
  • Knowledge and action cannot be divorced in any way, just as the light of the sun cannot be separated from the sun itself.
  • Any one, who pretends to know God without lowliness and fear, is an ignorant fool, not a gnostic.
  • Ordinary people seek indulgences to keep themselves within the pale of the sacred law, but the elect practice self-mortification to feel the fruit thereof in their hearts.
  • Covetousness renders the dervish ignominious in both worlds.
  • A person’s nobility and elevation in status is not judged by miracles but by chastity and purity in his dealings.
  • The savior of a person is his adherence to religion and his destruction is in his objections to it.
  • To worship successfully the position of manifestations and observations is reached.
  • The most excellent form of Ibadah is to oppose your desires.
  • Audition should not be practiced until it comes of its own accord; one should not make a habit of it but should practice it seldom.
  • God is not finite that the imagination should be able to define Him or that the intellect should comprehend His nature.

Data Darbar Wallpaper


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Ghusal Ceremony

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Milk Sabeel by Gujjar Biradri

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