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Vidpk.com Another YouTube alternative for Pakistani Movies, Drama and Songs

Vidpk.com is another YouTube Alternative video streaming website like Tune.pk based in Pakistan and it is launched by an Ex-Employee of the technology giant Google. Even though there are many hybrid YouTube parsing websites like Playit.pk, vimow.com etc. but it does not fulfill users needs completely for localized platform.

Recently Vidpk.com celebrated its new theme and look at Regent Plaza Hotel at Karachi. The exclusive event of this website was attended by some notable names like Alina Maniar, Afifa Maniar, social media experts Danish Mughal, Husnain Minawala and Bilal Paracha.


This Pakistani website was launched back in the year 2007 and its aim was to launch a platform for distribution of local content in a legal way. This is the only website of Pakistan that features authorized content from its makers and it has acquired more than 1500 TV shows and 300 movies legally in just about 7 years.

Abbas Akhtar who is the CEO and founder of Vidpk, commenced the event with an informative presentation. He said that

When living abroad, I realized that there is a lot of demand for Pakistani content. Our TV shows and movies have a huge fan following abroad. Unfortunately the content was not that easily available as it was scattered all across the internet. That is when I thought of starting an online portal which would feature only Pakistani content but at the same time it would also be authorized to provide the makers with their due credit.

The guests were shown a glimpse of the content that is hosted by Vidpk including old classic dramas of PTV and all other TV shows and movies.

Karachi based band AXIS performed at the event and sung famous tunes such as Who Kaun Thi by Vital Signs, Mairee by Euphoria and Ali Shehki’s Tere Ishq Main. Make sure you visit our post How to open YouTube in Pakistan

Visit official website: http://vidpk.com/

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