2 Pakistani Kids Become Youngest Certified Ethical Hackers

Ahmed and Masfeera, two kids from Lahore, Pakistan became world’s youngest certified ethical hackers. Both of them intend to protect ordinary users of Pakistan from cyber-crimes.

Ahmed is only nine years old while his sister is just fourteen years old. Talking to media, Masfeera said that the government should support them and like them other children should be given the opportunity and support so that they could do the same.

Mrs. Aziz the mother of Masfeera and Ahmed said that both of them were very fond of computer and they started with games. Looking at their interest in computer, the parents were forced to contact their teachers who provided them valuable guidelines and now both their children are certified ethical hackers and that too, youngest in the world.

The parents also told that they are worried about the health of their children as spending too much time on computer is not a healthy thing to do but they are also proud of their children for their accomplishments.

Not only their parents are feeling proud of Ahmed and Masfeera but the whole nation should be proud of these two talented kids. This once again proved that if given proper guidance and opportunity, our land could produce the very best in the world of technology.


Umar Farooq
Umar Farooq

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