Yajooj Majooj Reality and their Story

ALLAH made a nation named Yajooj and Majooj. In the early stages they were free. King Zulqarnian imprisoned up behind an important wall. They’re even now imprisoned these days, and will be released near the Day of Judgement. They’ll come out and develop a lots of difficulty. Their population is 10 times larger than the earths population.

We all know King Zulqarnain journeyed from East to West and also North to South. When he was journeying the whole world, he imprisoned the Yajooj Majooj behind an extremely thick wall. King Zulqarnian  went East, the people stated to him, In between these mountain ranges, there’s a nation named Yajooj Majooj,  who’re like animals. Their particular teeth are just like those of wild animals. When they come out they eat donkeys, scorpions, horses, mules,  snakes ,vegetables and wild animals. We’ll provide you all the things if you make a wall between the Yajooj Majooj and all of us so that they will not harm us. King Zulqarnian stated, I do not require paying, but what I’d like is that you can assist me by bringing me pieces of iron, wood and also coal. When they delivered these products, King Zulqarnian  began to build the wall structure. After this, he began to blow on it. When it became red-hot, he stated, Provide liquid copper. He put this liquid copper on the wall structure and made it quite strong. Then he stated, They’ll come out from behind the wall structure, when Allah wants them to

Yajooj and Majooj wallTo this day the Yajooj Majooj are stuck behind this wall. Daily, they struggle to break this particular wall structure. When the sun sets, the wall structure is as thin as a sheet of paper. Their commander states, back, lets go back home now. Leave it, it is just like a page. We’ll come the next day and break it down. When they arrive the next day, with ALLAH will, the wall structure is as solid as before. Daily, that is what they do, but when it’s time for them to come out, then on that day they’ll try to break that wall structure but in the evening, the wall structure will be as thin as a page. The commander will state, Let it rest for today and also states the words INN SHA ALLAH (if it is Allah wills) we’ll end it the next day. When they arrive the next morning, they’ll see that the wall structure is as thin as a paper and then they will break the wall structure and come out. This will be the moment when Hazrat Isa Alayhi Salaam (Jesus Christ Son of Marry) will be ruling the entire world. Allah will order Hazrat Isa Alayhi Salaam  to take all his followers to the mountain peak of Tur.

The Yajooj Majooj will come and also eat the men and women in the entire world. They’ll drink all the water from the East and all the water from Buhaira Tabria. Wherever there’s water, they will take in all of it. If they see any humans they’ll eat them. Men and women will be frightened and will hide. When they do not see a human being on earth they’ll state, We’ve finished everyone on earth now we’ll battle the people in the sky. They’ll shoot arrows towards the sky. Allah will create their arrows red and also send them back, and then they will be glad and also state that we’ve killed the people in the sky also. At the moment, Prophet Isa Alayhi Salaam  will be on the mountain peak. There will be a lack of food. Isa Alayhi Salaam  and the other Muslims will pray to Allah, Oh Allah! Save us from them.

Allah will pay attention to their prayers and produce a spot on their necks. With this, everyone will expire. After that Prophet Isa Alayhi Salaam (Jesus Christ Son of Marry) and the Muslims may come down below the mountain peak, they’ll note that all the ground is covered with bodies and a dirty smell will probably be distributing. They’ll pray to Allah, Oh Allah! Save us from this dirty smell. Allah will send birds whose necks are just like camels. They will likely carry all the dead bodies and throw them on mount Nimbar, this mountain is set in Palestine. After that, Allah will start to send rain. Because of this, all the ground will be clear. Then Prophet Isa Alayhi Salaam (Jesus Christ Son of Marry) along with his people will stay on the earth and also the lack of meals will finish. Allah will start to send blessings in everything. There’ll be a lot blessing that particular pomegranate will probably be sufficient for just one tribe, and one pomegranates peel can make one large covering sufficient for a lot of people to live below. In this manner, one cows milk will be sufficient for one group. All of these blessings will arrive when each of the Yajooj Majooj are dead.

Buhaira Tabria or Lake Tiberias in Palestine All Of This Drinking water will disappear!

Powers Of YaJooj Majooj (Gog Magog)

Yajooj and Majooj – 2 disbelieving people from among the sons of Adam. They have broad faces and little eyes. These people utilized to distribute trouble on the planet, therefore Allaah gave Dhoo’l-Qarnayn the energy to construct a barrier to hold all of them. They’ll continue digging at it till Allaah offers them approval to come out after period, after Isa Alayhi Salaam (Jesus Christ Son of Marry) has killed the Dajjaal. They are going to appear in large numbers and will drink up the river of Tiberias (in Palestine). They will distribute trouble on earth and no one will be capable of fight them. ‘Isa Alayhi Salaam (Jesus Christ Son of Marry) and also the followers with him will require shelter in Mount Toor until Allaah kills Yajooj and Majooj by sending earthworms which will eat their necks. After that Allaah will start to send rain to clean away their bodies into the ocean and cleanse the earth of their smell.

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