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YouTube Unblocked in Pakistan with YouTube.com.pk Version

(Last Updated On: 16/09/2015)

Based on the news reports, the member IT ministry Mudassar Hussain accepted that the undesirable material couldn’t be totally blocked, while addressing the demand of Senate standing committee to unblock YouTube at the initially.

The world’s more popular video clip sharing website came under the radar of the Supreme Court when an Anti-Islam film was posted on it and YouTube rejected to remove it. Henceforth it was blocked by PTA in Pakistan. But the truth remains, the majority of the country is using VPN to reach YouTube, thereby making this ban unnecessary (Such a surge was noticed in VPN usage that one of the VPN organization hired a country manager for Pakistan).

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This past year the ban was challenged in the Lahore high court and also the court ordered the relevant authorities to come up with suggestion to handle the issue, but after numerous deliberations it was found out that the only possible way is to ask Youtube to launch a local version.

In a latest story, we informed our people that federal government is required to spend 3 Billion PKR to install the desired filters to block all the blasphemous content material from the website, a written report by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority suggests. And, Federal government doesn’t need to spend this much amount of finances for this purpose.

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The ministry states that the organization was unwilling until the Government issued legal procedure that would ensure the service providers won’t be held accountable for the content posted by users, but the reservations have been tackled in the Avoidance of Electronic Crimes Bill 2015.

Most recently the Google Asia Pacific representatives met the Govt. officials plus they were asked to show local presence of Google in Pakistan, in light of raising utilization of 3g, 4g Internet.

Maybe we could get to see the local type of YouTube in the near future if these options happen in to reality.

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