زن Zunn Showgirls of Pakistan Blocked Documentary [Video]

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(Last Updated On: 06/04/2015)

Blocked trailer from controversial documentary زن  Zunn Showgirls of Pakistan is here. This documentary revels the truth about hidden stage dancers industry in Pakistan. A closer look into the lives of Pakistani showgirls in low-brow local entertainment. Even though we published about this film in past but trailer was deleted from entire internet. You can donate to the film’s post-production campaign, which is depend to funding. Trailer is PG 18+ not safe for work and kids.

zunn pakistan show girls

A word from official website:

As some of you must have seen our trailer is no longer public. We have had to take action due to receiving threats from various sources. We stand for ‪#‎freespeech‬, truth and unveiling‪ #‎hypocrisy‬. We will finish this film, remain ‪#‎uncensored‬ and ensure that the world can hear these women’s stories. They are brave and they are powerful. They are not all victims. And we refuse to be victims ourselves. Please remain patient as we upload another video that ensures the security of ourselves and our subjects while we finish our post production. The trailer will once again be made public closer to the film’s release. Thank you all once again for your support. We appeal to you to continue supporting this film. Not for us but the women in our film who desired for the camera to turn towards them so that they could be seen in a different way, who dared to bare their lives to us and who are now once again being silenced. We will ‪#‎resist‬. Join us. – ZUNN Facebook page

Showgirls of Pakistan is a documentary film on the lives of dancing girls in Punjab, Pakistan. It unveils a world of smut theater and strip-shows in small towns and villages through the eyes of the women that are profited from but are never heard. These showgirls are managed by a violent mafia, pimps, boyfriends and promoters who regularly export them to the UAE club scene.

Director: Saad Khan
Producers: Anam Abbas, Saad Khan
Co-Producer: Husnain-ul-Haq

This video is shown here for education purposes only, we are no way affiliated with this documentary in any way, will be removed upon request.

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