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3 ways to open blocked sites in Pakistan

(Last Updated On: 07/08/2016)

Dozens of sites are not accessible for viewership in Pakistan that is because government has blocked them. The reasons behind blocking them can be vary. But in general that are blocked as they may contain controversial, blasphemous, or sexually explicit content in it.

Earlier, You Tube was blocked for containing blasphemous content, but later on after negotiation and a long ban government set up having negotiations with Google-owned You Tube, following which they unleashed separate You Tube for viewership in Pakistan.

As like You Tube, there are many sites which tech experts think can be benefit Pakistanis, so keeping that in view we are telling you three ways to open blocked websites in Pakistan.

Use Online Proxy Websites

This is one of the easiest methods as when you need to open blocked websites you can go on this site and can paste the URL of the site you are willing to see. This method is as easy as clicking, and you just have to place web address in the site and that will be working as mediator between you and the blocked site.

Here are the proxy sites, you can use to open banned sites:

  1. 12345proxy.pk
  2. hiload.org
  3. speedyproxy.co.uk
  4. goproxing.com
  5. unblockyoutube.org
  6. proxfree.com
  7. vidproxy.com
  8. sslunblocker.com

Use Software

First you need to download this, but once you are done with this you don’t need to put URL or web address again and again for going on blocked websites. By installing it you will browse as you do normally and the blocked sites will be opened automatically with it.

Here are some of the software you can use for opening blocked websites:


You can use HTTPS instead of HTTP, for instance if Facebook is banned so you can type the URL as https://www.facebook.com rather than http://www.facebook.com which would be blocked at that time.

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