Coke Studio 9 Aye Rah-e-Haq Ke Shaheedo, Video, MP3 & Lyrics


Aye Rah-e-Haq Ke Shaheedo, one of the most popular patriotic Pakistain songs that was first sung by Madam Noor Jahan, has got a new style and way of singing by the Coke Studio. Coke Studio 9 has finally released the two months before recorded Pakistan National Song Aye Rah-e-Haq Ke Shaheedo.


The new style of Aye Rah-e-Haq Ke Shaheedo by the finest singing line of Coke Studio 9 will touch your hearth. People are enjoying the song on the remarkable month of August. No other month can be important than August to pay the rich tribute to the martyrs of the country.

The artists sang the song for those sacrificed their lives for out tomorrow includes Abida Parveen, Ali Azmat, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Amja Sabri, Zeb Bangish, Sanam Marvi, Ahmed Jhanzeb, Umair Jeswal, QB, and few othera.

Check out the heart touching song with a new passion.

Aye Rah-e-Haq Ke Shaheedo Video 

YouTube video

Ae Rah-e-haq Ke Shaheedon MP3

Ae Rah-e-haq Ke Shaheedon Lyrics

Aye Rahe Haq K Shahidooo
Wafa Ki Tasweroooo

Aye Rahe Haq K Shahido…..(2)
Wafa Ki Taswiroooo
Tumhe Watan Ki Hawainnnn
Salam Kehti Hain….
Aye Rahe Haq K Shahidooo….


Lagane Aag Jo Aye The Ashyane Ko
Woh Sholey Apne Lahoo Se Bujhadiye Tumnee
Bachalaiya Hai K Piri Ne Kitne Pholon Ko
Suhag Kitni Baharon K Rakh Liye Tumnee
Tumhe Chaman Ki Fazain Salam Kheti Hain

Aye Rahe Haq K Shahido….

Chale Jo Hoge Shahadat Ka Jaam Piker Tum
Rasool-e-pak Ne Banhoon Main Leliya Hoga
Ali Tumhari Shuja\’at Pay Jhomte Honge
Husain Pak Ne Irshad Yeh Kya Hoga
Tumnhe Khuda Ki Razain Salam Kehti Hain

Aye Rahe Haq K Shahidooo

Janab-e- Fatima Jibre Rasool K Agaye
Shahid Hoke Kya Ma\’an Ko Surkhuro Tumne
Janab-e-hazrat-e-zainab Gawahi Deti Hain
Yehi To Rakhi Hai Behnon Ki Aabro Tumnee
Watan Ki Betiyan Ma\’ain Salam Kehti Hain

Aye Rahe Haq K Shahido Wafa Ki Taswiroo
Tumhe Watan Ki Hawain Salam Kehti Hain
Aye Rahe Haq K Shahidooo

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  • Saba Ahmad on 30/07/2017

    Please research before writing anything. This song was NEVER sung by Noor Jahan, the original has been sung by NASEEM BEGUM !!!

  • atta on 12/08/2016

    how to activate smart tune in telenor Aye Rah-e-Haq Ke Shaheedo


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