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After Lahore Traffic Police, Motorway Police Starts Issuing e-Challans

Motorway Police has successfully started the system of issuing electronic challans following the system of the Lahore Traffic Police for the same. The Same system has been already started by the Lahore Traffic Police.

The initiative has been taken to restrain defilement’s hand impose sterner road traffic self-restraint amongst the travelers. It is the part of the e-ticketing system that is generated by the Punjab Board of Information Technology (PBIT) under the supervision of Badar Munir. The system for issuing conventional papers ticketing system and getting fines at the spot has already prevailed.

The officer of the Motorway Police will be accompanied an Android smartphone that will be actually linked to a central data server located in the Motorway Head Office in Islamabad. The officer will issue the e-Challan to the violator and the record of the same will be automatically saved on the central server. In order to issue the challan, the officer will carry a Huawei tab along with Bluetooth printer. To make the process even more clear, Zong is offering its 3G services that will work as a channel of communication between Bluetooth printer the Huawei tab.

According to the N-5 Central DIG, “The test run of e-challaning system will help mitigate malpractice, improve the efficiency and vigilance of motorway police and to facilitate motorists,”

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