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Valentine Day 2016 banned in Islamabad?

(Last Updated On: 09/02/2016)

The Valentine Day 2016 has been knocking the door of love birds but here we have some twist as all such activities of this love spreading event are banned by the government of Pakistan in Federal  Capital Islamabad.

This move upheld by the local government is perceived both well and worst at the same time as people of different class reside in society and holds their own opinions over celebrating such western events in Pakistan.

Here it should be kept mentioned that a class in Pakistan is asking for such ban from last several years but no such use of authority was taken by the government officials. And under observance of this latest initiative the ban is only imposed in Islamabad not on any other city of Pakistan although, at the same time people question that why the ban is just limited to the Federal capital if it was implemented over thinking it against the Islamic principles.

But this upheld government announcement have interrupted in between the people going to celebrate this day as Valentine Day is just 4 days away from happening and people were all set to celebrate it with full zeal.

Sources also revealed that this announcement might be made after keeping in view the security conditions of the Capital people celebrating the day get over excited while celebrating the day and end it having scuffle or fights with each other.

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