Ahmed Shehzad wishes Wahab Riaz good luck ahead of Asia Cup

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(Last Updated On: 16/02/2016)

After being heavily fined for PCB, the star cricketers might have learned the lesson of how to react righteously in the gentlemen’s game. Although, sledging or clashes are nothing new to cricket but getting physical on the field happens rarely. The incident made headlines around the globe and both the players Wahab Riaz and Ahmed Shehzad were mocked for their unprofessional attitude.

The match referee Roshan Mahnama going into the matter fined Ahmed Shehzad 30% of his match fees and Wahab Riaz of 40% of his match fees due to scuffle on the field during a live match.

Over this, Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) also asked both the star cricketers to behave well as such incidents hamper image of Pakistan cricket as millions are watching PSL.

Later, both the cricketers felt wrong about the on-field altercation an tried to crush it off saying that it shouldn’t have happened as it was directly damaging the beauty of cricket.

Wahab Riaz, while talking to a private media channel agreed that what happened in between him and Shehzad was wrong. Further he was of the opinion that youngsters should not inspire such incidents.

On the other hand, Ahmed Shehzad, who was ruled out of Asia Cup and World T20 leaving away the hardships or altercation with Wahab Riaz, have wished the best of luck to the left arm fast bolwer ahead of Asia Cup.

Although, still now the main reason behind this scuffle wasn’t none as Wahab claimed that it was his reaction over some incident which he didn’t elaborated.

Here it should be mentioned, that there might be some clash between the cricketers even before the incident as Shehzad was playing steadily as he scored 15 runs on 15 balls before Riaz came in attack and  as just Wahab bowled his first ball Shehzad  attacked him vigorously, earning a six on his first ball. On the second delivery of Riaz’s over, Shehzad also tried to throw the ball in stands but this time he was unlucky as left arm fast bowler improvised a slower delivery to knock the stumps of the opener batsman.

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