All Telenor Call Packages from Daily, Weekly to Monthly

Despite the fact that Telenor has a small number of subscribers in the country, still, it is offering best in the call packages to its users. Either it is SMS, call or internet packages, Telenor always give the tough time to its users.

The call packages of Telenor are said to be best in the class and low rates that deliver the highly excellent quality. Telenor subdivides its call packages into two sections: Djuice Call Packages and Talkshawk Call Packages. No matter which call package you opt, you will always get the low rates for subscription and best service at the same time.

Telenor Call Packages can be categorized as Telenor Daily Call Packages, Telenor Weekly Call Packages, Telenor Fortnightly Call Packages and Telenor Monthly Call Packages.

Telenor Daily Call Packages

Telenor provides its customers 5 Telenor Daily Call Packages which are following:

Talkshawk Good Time Offer

PriceRs 5
TimeUnlimited on-net minutes for 2 hours (except 6 pm to 9 pm)
Validity1 Day (except 6pm to 9pm)
How to Subscribe*345*20#

Talkshawk Full Day Offer

PriceRs 12
TimeUnlimited Telenor Calls + 50MB Internet
Validity1 Day
How to Subscribe*5*250#

Talkshawk Saat Se Saat Offer

PriceRs 8.50
Time Unlimited on-net 7AM-7PM
Validity1 Day
How to Subscribe*5*727#

Din Bhar Offer

PriceRs 10
Time6 AM to 6 PM FREE calls
Validity1 Day
How to Subscribe*345*006#

Talkshawk Superhit Offer

PriceRs 15
TimeFree Calls except 7pm-10pm
Validity1 Day
How to Subscribe*345*011#

Telenor Weekly Call Packages

Following are Telenor Weekly call packages which company offers to its customers.

Haftawaar Chhappar Phaar Offer

PriceRs 74
Time700 Onnet Mins + Weekend FREE
Validity7 Days
How to Subscribe*5*700#

Talkshawk 2 Paisa Weekly Offer

PriceRs 4.78
Time2paisa/sec for all network
Validity7 Days
How to Subscribe*345*227#

Telenor 3 Day Call Packages

3 Day Din Bhar Offer

PriceRs 24.50
Time6 AM to 6 PM free calls
Validity3 Days
How to Subscribe*345*626#

3 Day Super hit

PriceRs 34
TimeFree calls except 7pm-10pm
Validity3 Days
How to Subscribe*345*299#

Talkshawk 2 Paisa Daily

PriceRs 1.20
TimeRs. 0.02/Sec (inc. Tax)
ValidityT1 Day
How to Subscribe*020#

24 hr Poora Pakistan Offer

PriceRs 16.73
Time75 Minutes
Validity1 Day
How to Subscribe*345*24#

Talkshawk Superload Offer

PriceRs 0.50
Validity1 Day
How to Subscribe*5*100#


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