HEC Ranking of Pakistani Universities in 2015-16


The Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan has recently released the 5th ranking of Pakistani Higher Education Institutions for year 2015. The list released in 2016 is for the ranking of the universities in 2016. Just like previous year, Quaid e Azam University, Islamabad again at the first slot with the relative score of 100 in Overall Top HEIs of Country.


The ranking by HEC is being done in the following categories

  1. Overall Top HEIs of Country
  2. General
  3. Engineering & Technology
  4. Business Education
  5. Agriculture & Veterinary
  6. Medical
  7. Arts & Design

HEC Ranking Criteria and Scorescriteria

Here is the list of ranking by HEC in year 2015top 10

Agriculture Category of Higher Education InstitutionsAgri

Business Category of Higher Education Institutionsbusiness

Arts Category of Higher Education Institutionsarts

Medical Category of Higher Education InstitutionsMedical

Engineering Category of Higher Education Institutionseng

Download HEC Universities Ranking for Year 2015-16

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