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Easypaisa’s Easypay is a game changer as it allows NFC Payments

(Last Updated On: 23/02/2016)

You might be hearing about revolution coming through the smartphones popularity all around, although smarthphones are not the only one to be credited with it as there are many other factors which are rapidly changing our life style.

As mentioned above the rapid growth in smartphone users in Pakistan have allowed many other services to go live in Pakistan. Out of all of them, we can’t deny the fact that most priorly it has changed our payment methods. If you know what I mean, according to the official report upheld by State Bank of Pakistan, 39% of rise in mobile account users is being witnessed in first quarter of 2015.

And the other thing which reveals that Pakistanis are changing the way they spend money as many prefer utilizing mobile accounts. It can be further exemplified by the latest report initiated by World Bank, which states that Pakistan leads South Asia in Mobile Money.

With all such changes, Easy Paisa, the leading mobile account of Pakistan brought an innovation to the market by unleashing NFC Payments plan, to what they call EasyPay.

Telenor possessed  EasyPaisa has been setting trends in the field of commerce and with addition of NFC payments they have been once again proving their inventiveness to open up new doors and services for Pakistani customers.

On 27 August 2015, they introduced the EasyPay NFC (Near Field Communication) at Dolmen Mall and Ocean Mall in Karachi. According to so far the updates, still this initiative is in preliminary stages to get popular among masses. But yet it is a bold step, which will truly be changing the old patterns of how we shop.

EasyPay NFC, is a n ultimate new way in Pakistan which allows the users to shop and pay it with just  tapping a smartphone, even though no Cards and hard Cash is needed.

The most fascinating thing about this plan is that it is secure plan of paying of what you have shop, although still its publicizing as the retailers also need NFC supported device to get the amount transacted.

How to Get Started with Easypay

To Pay The Easy Way, you require an Easypaisa Mobile Account and an Easypay NFC tag (not mandatory, but it’s cool to have it on your phone!)

Get an Easypaisa Mobile Account
  • Dial *345*3737# on your biometrically registered Telenor SIM
  • In case you do not have a Telenor SIM, please visit your nearest Telenor Sales and Service Center, Franchise or Retailer
Deposit Funds into Your Account
  • Deposit Funds at 70,000+ Easypaisa Shops across Pakistan for FREE
  • Transfer Funds via IBFT from any Bank Account in Pakistan. Select Tameer Bank as the Bank and enter your Mobile Account Number as the account number
  • Money Transfer from any existing Easypaisa Account Holder
Get an Easypay NFC Tag
  • Call 3737 from your Telenor Number OR
  • Type “EP” and send it to 422.
  • Our team will get in touch with you to activate your NFC Tag.

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