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How to Check TCS Karo Yayvo Jeeto Result

The scheme launched by the TCS Yayvo by the name of TCS Karo, Yayvo Jeeto that was initiated in November 2015 with the initial deadline of February 2016 is still going on. TCS Yayvo is the special consumer promotion campaign for cash customers only for winning more than 10,000 prizes every week. Every customer will be given three chances in a week for listing in the lucky draw.

How to Check Check TCS Karo Yayvo Jeeto Winner Draw Results:

  1. Open: http://yayvo.com/win/home
  2. Enter Mobile Number
  3. Enter Security Code
  4. Check Result

How to Check TCS Karo Yayvo Jeeto Result

There is no typical criteria for taking part in this scheme. The TCS Yayvo will automatically list every customer that will book a TCS shipment on a cash basis in TCS Karo, Yayvo Jeeto Scheme. Customer will receive a participation SMS, and his receipt number will be included in the next three ballot days only. Now the customer is required to check Yayvo.com on ballot days (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday). Enter the mobile number that was given during booking time and check for the win.27

The successful customer can shop with winning amount within 15 days from the date of winning.

TCS Yayvo Prize Scheme18

Terms and Conditions for TCS Karo, Yayvo Jeeto

  • This scheme is for cash customers only
  • No cash amount will be paid to the customer. Prize money will be credited to the account of the customer at Yayvo, and the prize money can be used for making shopping from Yayvo.
  • The winning customer is required to make shopping from Yayvo within 15 days after that amount will be canceled.
  • TCS will include only those customer in this scheme who have provides their mobile number during booking. After that, the customer is also required to register his consignment number and mobile number at TCS Yayvo website.
  • For those customers who will receive a message for winning the prize are required to verify their received code at the website of Yayvo within seven days of receiving the winning code.
  • Provide your original number.
  • FOC shipments are not the part of this campaign

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