Sharjeel Khan refutes friendship rumors with dancer Honey Shahzadi (Video)

Written by Hamza
(Last Updated On: 14/05/2016)

The aggressive Pakistani opener while talking to media ahead of leaving for Pakistan cricket team national camp on Friday told that he is not intimidated due to the issue of fake videos, and also refuted rumors about his relation with the stage dancer Honey Shahzadi. While further clarifying the dirt from the fake video trouble galloping Pakistan cricket fans, he told that he isn’t involved in any wrong doings.

In further talks, he told that he has shared all the information with Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) and police in this regard.

Clarifying his move of releasing video message for his fans ahead of any fake video release, Khan told, “I did what I thought was right. I’m now waiting for further instructions”, the southpaw opener also told the blackmailer only called him on his number and haven’t send any of his fake videos.

Several days back, Sharjeel Khan uploaded his video message for his fans on social media in which he restrained them from believing in any of his fake video floating on the internet. He further told that someone is blackmailing him on phone that if he won’t pay them money they will be releasing his fake videos on social media.

“They are threatening me that they will post videos that are apparently featuring me.

“If anything like that comes up please do not believe it as all those videos will be fake and this is just an attempt to ridicule me,” added the left-handed batsman.

Sharjeel Khan’s video message for fans


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