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How To Share Balance From Warid To Warid, Code, Charges & Limit

(Last Updated On: 25/06/2016)

Warid Telecom International is an Abu Dabi based mobile telecommunication. In Pakistan, Warid telecom is providing all services to Warid subscribers. Balance share is the service through which user can transfer a specific amount of balance to each other any time using the same network. Now Warid telecom is also providing this convenient service to its users. Warid balance share service let all Warid subscribers to transfer balance to each other.

The purpose of initiating this flexible service is to provide the facilities to all Warid users. So that in a case of any emergency when the balance has been finished in their cell phone or they want to pay the bill, they can easily share the balance with friends and family members. Now you don’t need to worry about your loved ones getting out of credit because Warid share service lets you share the happiness of life with you friends and family members by solving their balance problems. This convenient service let you stay in touch with your loved ones.


  • Prepaid to Prepaid Balance Transfer
  • Prepaid to Postpaid Balance Transfer
  • Postpaid to Prepaid Balance Transfer
  • Postpaid to Postpaid Balance Transfer



All the Warid subscribers who have recharged their accounts at least one time are illegible to transfer balance. The process of sharing balance is given bellow:

Step1. Open Message Menu of your mobile phone and select “Write a New Message”.

Write: B<space>number<space>amount.

Send to 2424.

For example:

B 032XXXXXXXX 100.


  • Only those Warid subscribers can share balance who have recharged their accounts at least one time.
  • Minimum Rs.10 can be shared by all users.
  • Maximum Rs.100 can be shared by the postpaid user.
  • Maximum Rs.200 can be shared by the prepaid user.
  • For postpaid user service charges will be of Rs.5.00+tax for each successful request.
  • For prepaid user service charges will be of Rs.3.99+tax for each successful request.
  • Rs.0.05+tax will be charged to send SMS to 2424.
  • The amount is not refundable if you have sent the balance to the wrong number. The company is not responsible if you send the balance on a wrong number by mistake.

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