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What Is LG SmartWorld?

(Last Updated On: 25/06/2016)

LG SmartWorld is a smartphone application platform by LG where the users can get various types of mobile contents and applications such as game, education, communication, entertainment, multimedia, travel and much more. Moreover, the LG SmartWorld offers most of the mobile contents for free. Membership service is also opened by the LG SmartWorld for getting more mobile contents for free.12039191_1036464599717441_8291892201366153448_n

In short, LG SmartWorld is a platform where the users can get applications and contents for their LG smartphones and tablets so that they can experience the smarter features of the LG. LG make it easy for its customers to easily and conveniently download various mobile applications. However, the services being offered at LG SmartWorld depends on the country and communication service provider of the user.11329914_970696672960901_3368079727142639943_n

Currently LG SmartWorld in entertainment, Hi-Fi, games, utilities, education, 3D zone, ringtone, wallpaper, fonts, keyboard theme, and lifestyle. If you want to access the services of LG SmartWorld then first move to the official website of LG SmartWorld and check either your country is listed in the Country List or not and then select the mobile device. Moreover, LG SmartWorld is supported with Android 2.3 or higher.11182156_953840191313216_938292353210847690_n

How to download LG SmartWorld Application?

Those who have compatible LG device and country is listed in the Country List are required either to open website www.lgworld.com directly from their mobile browser or scan the QR code on the left of the PC website and then select the country.

For more details and FAQs, visit official website of LG SmartWorld11826072_1012784355418799_7129645532445069051_n11693822_991741704189731_606696499034161303_n

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