Islamabad United’s champ Momina Mustehsan stuns cricket fans with her knowledge

The latest singing sensation of Pakistan-India, Momina Mustehsan, who would surely had given sleepless nights to millions joined Islamabad United as empowerment champion.

It would be pertinent to mention here that Islamabad United won the debut PSL season. The successful side has Fawad Khan and Ali Zafar as the brand ambassador on the board.

And now Momina Mustehsa’s inclusion makes it more prominent for the cricket and entertainment lovers in Pakistan.

The owner of the Islamabad United Amna Naqvi while talking about this inclusion said, “We decided to incorporate Momina into the Islamabad United family as our Empowerment Champion because we believe it is our responsibility to foster more positive and progressive mindsets in our country,” she said.

“The empowerment of women in Pakistan is something we feel strongly about, and is something that Momina can be the face of. She is someone who is a role model for young women in Pakistan; the grace with which she has conducted herself through her rapid rise, while maintaining her principles is exemplary,” she added.

The latest video of Monina Mustehsan showing off her cricketing knowledge will blow away mind of every Pakistan cricket fans.

Watch Momina Mustehsan’s latest video here:



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