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Latest HEC Top University Ranking List for 2015-2016

(Last Updated On: 25/02/2016)

Over the years Higher Education Commission (HEC) is the premier authority in maintaining the educational patterns in Pakistan. HEC also unleashes the rankings of the educational institutes in Pakistan which also unveils the standards of different institutes. For this purpose, HEC has designated a criteria of judging the efficiency of universities all around Pakistan.

Recently, HEC has released its ‘5th Ranking of Pakistani Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) 2015’.

HEC have categorized this ranking into different categories, here are the categories as follows:

  1. General Category
  2. Engineering Category
  3. Overall Top 10 Higher Education Institutions
  4. Agriculture Category
  5. Business Category
  6. Arts Category
  7. Medical Category

HEC University Ranking Criteria


This years Ranking also lauds Quaid-e-Azam University’s regime as it has also maintained the top slot in the General Category and also in the Overall Top Higher Education Institutions as it did in the ranking released in 2014.

General Category HEC University Ranking 2015


Engineering Category HEC University Ranking 2015


Overall Top 10 Higher Education Institutions HEC University Ranking 2015


Agriculture Category HEC University Ranking 2015


Business Category HEC University Ranking 2015


Arts Category HEC University Ranking 2015


Medical Category HEC University Ranking 2015


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