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Nescafe Basement Season 4 All Songs So Far

(Last Updated On: 27/10/2018)

Experiencing the popularity of the Coke Studio in Pakistan, Nescafe has also stepped in the music industry about four years ago. Three seasons of the Pakistani music televisions series have been successfully conducted so far and the recent 2016 is going on. Nescafe Basement is different from Coke Studio on various grounds in which most apparent is the face of singers and musicians. Unlike Coke Studio that brings the renowned artists of the country every year on a centralized platform, Nescafe Basement comes with the studio-recorded performance by the underground artists about whom most of the Pakistanis are not aware.

Today Nescafe Basement is widely regarded as the one of the most entertaining and helping platforms for the young musicians and singers of Pakistan. Every year it introduces the dozens of new voices and bands. Popular bands like Bayyan and Souch were also introduced by the Nescafe Basement. In the season 4, Nescafe Basement has introduced almost 45 new singers and musicians and this figure is equal to the collective figure of the last three seasons.

The season 4 of the Nescafe Basement has been started with the Tere Jeya Hor Disda. So far, four four songs based on the two episodes of Seasons 4 have been recorded so far.

Tere Jeya Hor Disda, NESCAFE Basement Season 4, Episode 1



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